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renewable energy

Renewable energy formation takes place by sunlight, water, geothermal heat and different forms of biomass. This energy can very easily be renewed due to which it is called renewable energy.

The Types of renewable energy are

•    Bioenergy

What is bioenergy?

It is the form of renewable energy that is derived from biomass for the generation of heat and electricity. It can also be used to produce liquid fuels for transportation. Biomass is the organic matter used in growth and production of recent living plants and origins of animals. There are many different forms of organic matter, some of them are; agricultural products, municipal, forestry products and wastes.

•    Geothermal energy

What is geothermal energy?

It is the form of energy that is stored in the earth in the form of heat. From the center of earth, there is a steady flow of heat, through earth’s surface into the space heat has the tendency to flow from hot to cold. The natural decay of radiogenic material leads to the generation of heat. Some radiogenic materials used in heat production are uranium, potassium, and thorium.

Geothermal energy is produced by the extraction circulating water among the subsurface of rocks. Another process is by pumping out the cold water from the hot subsurface and then pouring back the hot water to the surface, it helps in driving steam turbines which produce electricity,

·       Hydropower

What is hydropower?

It uses the force generated by the movement of water to produce electricity. The electricity generated from hydropower is called hydroelectricity and it is generated the channelization of falling water through the turbine.

The force and pressure of the falling water on the blades of turbines leads to rotation of shafts and an electric generator which converts this motion into electrical energy.

·       Ocean energy

What is ocean Types of renewable energy?

The renewable form of energy which is derived from the sea is calledocean energy.  There are two major forms of ocean energy mechanical energy and thermal energy. Mechanical energy is derived from waves and thermal from the heat of the sun. It is classified as

Wave energy; converting ocean wave energy more usable forms of energy

Tidal energy; it is generated from the tidal movements

Ocean thermal energy; the energy generated from the conversion of difference in temperature water present on the surface and depth water.

·       Solar energy

What is solar energy?

It is energy that is being created from sunlight. Solar power is captured from the sun and is converted into electricity.

Solar thermal; this is the system which helps in conversion of sunlight into energy.

Solar photovoltaic; photovoltaic cells are used for the direct conversion sunlight into electricity

Wind energy

What is wind energy?

This is a form of energy which uses turbines to convert wind currents into electricity. Wind turbines play an important role in the conversion of wind’s force into rotational force; this is then used in driving the electric generator for the creation of electricity.