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Even before traditional medicine, people of the past have been using herbs too for healing and health purposes. The shamans of various tribes in North and South America made use of plant sources to cure the sick people in their respective villages. Ancient doctors from the Asian countries, like China and India, utilized herbs to enhance health and treat diseases. Today, some herbs are used as cooking condiments, while others are used for aromatherapy and other healing practices. Here are 5 health benefits of fresh herbs:

  1. Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a lethal disease and is currently the top cause of death in many parts of the world. However, it can be avoided through the intake of certain foods containing antioxidants. Parsley is an excellent example. The cancer-fighting antioxidant (apigenin) found in this herb can inhibit cancerous growths by blocking the creation of new blood vessels and the supply of blood to the tumors. Apigenin is also found in celery.

  1. Improve Circulatory Health

Basil and watercress have been shown to lower cholesterol levels and increase blood flow. Thyme can reduce the risk strokes and heart attacks by reducing the accumulation of arterial plaque. Circulatory-related diseases are known to be the second leading cause of fatalities in the world, according to many statistical records. By adding herbs to your diet, you can gain the advantage of having better cardiovascular health.

  1. Improve Digestion

Basil, watercress, and thyme do not only improve circulatory health but digestive health as well. Basil stimulates the glands in the digestive system and helps clean the walls of the colon. Watercress is known to have an effect on the regulation of bile, which helps in the digestion of fatty acids. Thyme contains chromium, a natural ingredient that helps transform carbohydrate into glucose, an essential energy source for the body.

  1. Treat wounds and infection

Aloe Vera and oregano can be used to stop the inflammation of the wounded skin. Thyme, licorice, and turmeric are also useful antiseptics. These herbs have antimicrobial properties which can prevent the spread of infection. It is a good practice to have some of these herbs in your home in case emergency. Before using Aloe Vera you first know about what side is your appendix – healthandcaretips

  1. Enhance mental health

Sage is an excellent example of a herb that can help improve concentration and memory. It can also be used to relieve depression, anxiety, and nervousness. Rosemary is known to boost cognitive performance. An element from this herb can increase the speed and accuracy of a person’s cognitive levels. The benefits of both of these herbs are usually gained through the use of aromatherapy. The active elements are generally better inhaled so they can enter the bloodstream a lot faster.

While herbs are usually ingested or applied topically, some of them can be used for aromatherapy, read more at healthandcaretips.com official. As was mentioned earlier, the active elements found in rosemary and sage can be consumed more efficiently through the vapor. You can gain the health benefits of fresh herbs without going to the spa center as long as you vaporizers at home.